Colgate Extra Clean Full Head Toothbrush, Medium – 6 Count

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Colgate Extra Clean Full Head Toothbrush, Medium – 6 Count
Colgate Extra Clean Full Head Toothbrush, Medium – 6 Count



  • Circular power bristles to help effectively clean teeth
  • Cleaning tip bristles to effectively reach and clean back teeth and between teeth
  • Easy to grip handle to provide comfort and control while brushing
  • Helps remove tooth stains

Reviews (10)

10 reviews for Colgate Extra Clean Full Head Toothbrush, Medium – 6 Count

3.4 out of 5
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  1. Dog Lover

    The price was right but have no additional positive comments. The brand name sold me but never again. The bristles are extremely soft and resultantly it’s very difficult to brush ones teeth. The material used for the bristles leaves them so very soft that it’s next to impossible to obtain adequate friction and you’re left feeling that your teeth couldn’t possibly be clean enough even after 3-4 cycles of brushing, rinsing, toothpaste reapplication and so on. The package says large heads which is so misrepresentative of it’s actual size which should be “child size”! I can’t remember when the verbage on a package so poorly described the actual product. This product most definitely sold poorly in actual stores cuz this product would most definitely appear to be a misprint and you would put it right back on the shelf. Because the bristles are so very soft I wouldn’t even recommend for a child because all of the debris would remain on a child’s teeth! Shame on Colgate and Amazon for not doing any quality screening on this product!!! The shaft, head and bristles are all so very small that they should advertize “slender and sleek making it perfect for a child’s hand and head perfect for a child’s mouth”. Do not purchase for your children if and when these wind up sitting in a cart with deep discounts. You’ll spend a fortune at the dentist wondering how/why your children developed extensive dental decay. These crazy soft bristles should be banned for use at ANY AGE!

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  2. Amazon Customer

    I used to always buy toothbrushes in person in the grocery store. But I found myself switching it up and buying different kinds. I didn’t love any particular one enough to purchase it twice in a row.
    However, I do really like these and would buy them again when this package runs out.
    I recently started using an electric toothbrush, and even though I do think it cleans my teeth more thoroughly, I don’t really like the process of using it as much as the old-school kind. So far, I’ve still been using it for its effectiveness, but I will keep this kind around for traveling with and just as a back up to have on hand when I don’t feel like using my electric one.

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  3. Goodward

    They were soft on my gums while brushing. But the bristles were firm enough to do the cleaning well enough. Tounge brush on the back of these were a nice surprise to find out when looked at the back of the package.
    Have enough tooth brushes to last us for awhile buying these.

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  4. Sini

    Everytime I brush with these they make my gums bleed. The bristles are too wide to just cover the teeth as you brush, so you inevitably end up brushing your gums as well & can accidentally hut your gum with these brushes. I’ll be returning.

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  5. Isaiah 55

    Didn’t realize they included a hickerbilly toothbrush,just perfect for my boondocks husband.

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  6. CF

    Honestly these are the best toothbrushes I’ve got in a long time. Simple. No stupid rubber parts against your teeth. Massages. Very clean feeling.. It feels really good to brush my teeth with these and I don’t think I’m gonna use anything else again. Lol I know I sound way too happy about this šŸ˜‚

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  7. megamom

    I bought these for my family to take on our vacation, every single toothbrush had bristles falling out everytime we used them. Try picking tiny bristles out of your mouth,gums and braces mixed in with toothpaste, it is impossible. I accidentally swallowed one, it is like swallowing a fishbone, it got stuck in my throat, I was coughing for hours trying to get it out. I will never purchase these again. These are not the high quality colgate toothbrushes that we have bought from our local drug stores. These are pure junk, worse than garbage because they actually hurt you. And no refund allowed.

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  8. Stratocaster

    Sure, these look like a great value at less than $5 for 5 brushes. Just one problem – they’re JUNK! And it would have been nice if they had the product labeled correctly to begin with. These are evidently CHILDREN’S toothbrushes. Very tiny. I’m just a regular sized man, and I found it impossible to even get a firm grip on the handle because it is so thin and short. And the brush head? Not much larger then the size of a pea.

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  9. Sunny days

    These are average toothbrushes, definitely not low quality but middle of the road. Iā€™m giving these brushes 5 stars. These toothbrushes do their job effectively, they are middle of the road quality, they give you 5 brushes and it is very affordable. If you bought these brushes separately you could end up paying $20 for 5 toothbrushes of this quality. So heads up and cheers to Colgate for delivering a very decent quality and quantity of a toothbrush at a cost saving price!!!!! <3

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  10. Ron

    These are great. Excellent price and they even sent me a second pack for some reason.
    The only thing to be aware of is that these are rather firm bristles. Be mindful near your gum line the first time using or you could scratch yourself bloody. They work great and my mouth feels really clean, usually I have to scrub and scrub with the soft bristles to get a full cleaning. These bristles have enough rigidity to feel like they are actually removing food and buildup.

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